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Smart mobility is a tool to achieve sustainable city development. It allows seamless, efficient and flexible travel across various modes. It is a paradigm shift to a more flexible and multi-modal transport system.

When we think about sustainable mobility, often the first thing that comes to mind is replacing fuel-driven cars by electric ones. However, when thinking of going more electric, other questions arise, such as: how can we manage the possible energy shortage if more and more people go electric? Is there a way to incorporate less traffic jams when making use of electric or other sustainable mobility options? How can we make charging of electric vehicles more convenient?

Another transport mode that is obviously linked to sustainable mobility, is public transport. How can we improve the services of public transport in order to serve the cities’ and urbanites’ needs better?

By making mobility smart and sustainable, there’s less and less need for urbanites to own vehicles. More and more, mobility as a service will dominate the landscape. How will manufacturers, mobility providers and cities adapt their current services to what the future holds?

The aspect of multimodality will play an important role in bringing together different stakeholders as well as technologies and solutions in urban mobility. Within multimodality, multiple transport options such as walking, cars, public transport, bikes, shared services are being connected to efficiently facilitate journeys of urbanites.

By making mobility not only sustainable but also smart, a whole new mobility revolution is ahead of us, unlocking many possibilities for urbanites as well as service providers.


Agoria actively supports the track “Smart and sustainable mobility”.

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